Justin JohnSailor

Renowned Canoe builder and spear-fisher. Lives on Dawson Island with his wife and six children.

Sanakoli JohnSailor

Expert fisherman and tourist guide. Lives in Nuakata isl. With his wife and four children.

Job SiyaeSailor

Know for his solo canoe journeys and food donations to the health centre. Lives on Normanby Isl. with wife and four children.

Thor F. JensenDirector

Award winning filmmaker and member of the Adventurers’ Club of Denmark. Lives in Alice Springs, Australia.


Director Thor F. Jensen
Producer Dr Sophie Pascoe
Sailor Justin John
Sailor and production advisor Sanakoli John
Sailor Job Siyae 
Drone footage by Paul Kerrison 
Drone and film photography Robert Weber 
Map graphics Sam Moore
Editor Oskar Fanta
Sound design Rob Davidsson
Score SÍmun Mohr
Colorist Nanna Dalunde
Promotion Kevin Alo from M&K Talents